Xarri Toddler Dual Function Life & Swim Vest

Looking for the best life vest / swim vest for your beloved  toddlers. Here the Xarri. It is designed for your child to be comfortable and confidence in the water.  The Xarri is made from soft nylon material. It offers lightweight, comfort, thin, wearable for extended hour used. It’s even simply been used when playing sand castle or outside the pool and while boating, floating or swimming.

Ideal for baby and toddler with 9 kg above.

Ideal as a basic  life vest and swim vest for use in any kind of water play.

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i- See product FAQ  for details information

Product Description

  • For toddler less than 14 kg ( below 30 lbs)
  • Sizes Available: One size below 14 kg.
  • Approximate chest size (41 cm – 51 cm)
  • Approximate product weight: 300g
  • Volumetric weight: 3.64 cm/kg

Additional Information

Weight 0.350 kg

- Type II PFDs
- Designed without back foam for added safety features- face up
- Gear with adjustable buckle for comfort
- Gear up with lifting strap and crotch strap give ability keep children
near to parental close supervision
- Life vest with upright buoyancy head support flotation as extra
padding whilst protecting child torso and neck
- Yellow bright colour for visibility in the water

Check here for guide to the average size of Asian babies/toddlers
( Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapura,Thailand, Filipina, Vietnam, Kemboja )

Boy / Girl:

11 month old 8.5 kg – 9.5 kg
1 year old 9 kg – 11.9 kg
2 years old 12.4 kg – 14 kg
3 years old 14.2 kg – 16 kg
4 years old 16.5 kg – 18 kg

- Composition: 100% Polyethylene (PE) floatation foam with Nylon fabric
- Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight
- Guarantee: 1 year

- 1 Xarri infant life jacket
- 1 product information tag
- 1 safety in water – Think Safe pamphlet


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- By U.S. Coast Guard Approved (USCG) with approval no. 160.064/4054 B/0
- Type II PFD will turn only some children to a face-up position. Read Think Safe pamphlet for guidelines